The Academy provides outsourced training services in management related areas to clients demanding pragmatic and realistic improvements in their employees.  Project based or process based outsourcing, the Academy has supported corporate partners from delivering simple management training such as leadership and team building to achieving transformational changes.   With over a hundred international developers, consultants, and trainers, AMC is an unparalleled partner and enabler for the transformational leader.

What is so unique about the Academy?

  • A Social Enterprise: Founded in 2004, the Academy is the first social enterprise in Asia dedicated to helping global executives become better problem solvers through action-learning and improved execution.  The Academy combines change consultancy with a focus on teaching you and your staff mastering tools on how to sustain the momentum themselves. 

  • Training Your Managers to Become Trainers: Using grandmasters and master trainers, we teach your employees how to resolve problems themselves.   These training professionals are typically professors from leading international business schools and seasoned management consultants from leading firms.  From a single course to an exclusive out-sourcing training arrangement, the Academy is highly responsive and unique in its approach.

  • Competency Based, not Academically Based: Our focus is not to help your managers become more academic, but to strengthen their competence in what they do, sometimes using academic means.  The Academy will even train your managers to be trainers.  Some of our trainers invented and developed some of the first set of competencies for managers in Hong Kong.

  • Investing in Knowledge Dissemination: 25% of our profits are reinvested into another knowledge building social enterprise every year.  Qualified entities must undergo a rigorous development process in governance and management.  We don't just give money away.


    Our Tsuen Wan Training Centre


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