Our Management including as follows:


Executive Coaching
Act as coach for senior management, aiming at enhancing management performance.


Upgrading Leadership Skills
How to establish Team Spirit & Team Work?

How to lead influence & improve the team leadership?


Risk and Crisis Management

Decision making on effective risks management & crisis control

Corporate Management
Enhancing Business Performance, Good Manager's Guide,TQM, Management Audit, Strategy Management, Planning Skills.



Creative Thinking Training
Creative Lateral Thinking, Business Re-engineering & Knowledge Management, Blue Ocean Strategy

Training for Employees
Guidance and Counseling of Staff, Superior Customer Service, Employee Motivation and Self-motivation, Staff Guidance and Counseling, Staff Training Methods

 Management Training Programs 

AMC Full Day Workshop Outline and Examples

 1. “Tai Chi” & Management 太極與管理
 2. Risk & Crisis Management 風險及危機管理
 3. Corporate Competence 企業才能
 4. Creative Problem Solving 處事得法
 5. Creative Thinking & Process Reengineering 創意思維及流程變革
 6. Effective Project Management 項目 (任務) 管理技巧
 7. Enhancing Business Performance 提升業務效績
 8. Good Managers’ Guide 卓越管理指引
 9. Interview and Selection 遴選及面談
 10. Leadership & Communication Skills 領導才能及溝通技巧
 11. Leading and Managing Change 領導及推動變革
 12. Making Conflicts Constructive 有效解決衝突
 13. Making Effective Presentations 有效表達技巧
 14. Management Audit 管理審核
 15. Managers as Trainers 如何培訓員工
 16. Managing for Results through Appraisal 工作表現考績
 17. Managing Quality 全面優質管理
 18. Managing Service 卓越服務之道
 19. Mentoring Skills 亦師亦友技巧
 20. Planning Skills 計劃的技巧
 21. Staff Motivation & Self Motivation 員工激勵及自我激勵
 22. Strategic Management 策略管理


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